Nas Trincheiras


Quando já não pudermos mais chorar e as palavras forem pequeninos suplícios e olhando para trás virmos apenas homens desmaiados, então alguém saltará para o passeio, com o rosto já belo, já espontâneo e livre, e uma canção nascida de nós ambos, do mais fundo de nós, a exaltar-nos!


Vivant Sequentes


However, the whole world to date, the world of mere facts with the openness to annihilation, is untrue. The only true things are the process found in the world, and the voice of that rebel who said to Pilate, with a very different party-allegiance in mind, allegiance to the Novum: “Every one who is of the truth hears my voice.” And then their place is the struggle, the point of resolution, the warm current, with the cry of mankind in their ears, and the memory of that cry, out on the front of world-process.

[...] When Christians are really concerned with the emancipation of those who labor and are heavy-laden, and when Marxists retain the depths of the Kingdom of Freedom as the real content of revolutionary consciousness on the road to becoming true substance, the alliance between revolution and Christianity founded in he Peasant Wars may live again — this time with success. [...]

Vivant Sequentes. Marxism, and the dream of the unconditioned, follow the same path and the same plan of campaign. A Humanum free from alienation, and a World into which it could fit — a world as yet undiscovered, but already sensed: both theses things are definitely present in the experiment of the Future, the experiment of the World.

ERNST BLOCH, Atheism in Christianity